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Well… Barney is gone now and it’s back to normal at Wolfie and Nala’s household… Here’s the latest video of them playing today… You may think she’s upset… but she actually looks for Wolfie and teases him until he attacks her… It’s their thing… 🙂

That’s Beth Hart playing in the background… My original track was Animals by Nickleback… but YouTube kept stripping it out… 🙁

Here is the video with the original music from my Facebook.

Nala and Wolfie playing

10 Responses to “Nala and Wolfie… the latest”

  1. OMD! That is the cutest video!!! I still say that Wolfie must feel like King Kong to Nala but she handles him so well! They really love each other. So sweet the way they play with each other. I’m so glad that you’re house is back to normal now that Barney is gone – whew! that must be such a relief!

  2. jerry says:

    Wow Wolfie, you have restraint! I’m truly amazed.

  3. wyattraydawg says:


    Wolfie, can you show me how to be a good Sheppie?

  4. Codie Rae says:

    Wolfie, we want a kitty here in Oaktown! You look like you are having so much fun! Maybe we need three kitties, one for each us! Woohoo!

    Codie Rae, Travis Ray, and Smokey B.

  5. shelbysmom says:

    Those two are truly best friends……what a joy to watch!

  6. etgayle says:

    how much fun is that!!! makes you wonder why we all can’t get along. thanks for sharing!!

    gayle & charon

  7. admin says:

    Codie Rae said:

    Maybe we need three kitties, one for each us!

    Or one each for breakfast lunch and dinner? 😉

    Seriously though, Wyatt could use some behavioral lessons from Wolfie!

  8. Tana says:

    Well – that was hilarious !! We have 2 cats and Sophie – and then the 3 stepsister/brothers/dogs (Roxie, Buster, and now Cass) who come over regularly – and we NEVER get that kind of lovin’ going on !!
    Nala – you ROCK ! and Wolfie … well, you are a gentleman for sure. Taking all those hits and not responding with a paw of your own … wow.
    Now that’s love.
    Thank you so much for posting that, Marguerite ! We laughed out loud !

  9. anyemery says:

    That is adorable! I can’t believe how she boxes him and he is so good with her! What a wonderful video – thanks for sharing!
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  10. Ginger says:

    That is so funny. I bet Wolfie thinks Nala is one of his little squeeky toys. I think you are missing out — Nala could hold her own with Oscar De La Hoya with all that boxing!! I say enter her in one of those amateur fight nights.

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