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Here are some videos from our life with Jake, before his cancer diagnosis… Jake loved life… and he loved to be loved. We miss him so much!!

Here’s Wolfie (2.5 yrs) and Jake (almost 8 yrs) swimming in the pool. It was their favorite pastime…  [youtube][/youtube]  Jake is getting towel dried by his daddy, after swimming in the pool for a couple of hours…  [youtube][/youtube]   Here’s  Jake and Wolfie wrestling on the couch. Wolfie was always the instigator… and just loved to chew on Jake’s butt and legs… He thought of him as his own personal chew toy!!  [youtube][/youtube]   Cookie time!!!  [youtube][/youtube]  In this one, Wolfie ‘borrowed’ Jake’s pool toy… and Jake is standing around watching him and waiting, probably wondering when he’ll give it back to him!  [youtube][/youtube]   Here’s one from Christmas 2007, where Wolfie and Jake were playing with their presents…   [youtube][/youtube]   Here’s 2 of Jake and Wolfie wrestling in the kitchen. They did this practically every single day! Wolfie just loves to chew on his older brother!   [youtube][/youtube]  [youtube][/youtube]   Here’s some of Jake swimming in Aug 2008. Jake was 9 yrs old, and Wolfie just 3.5 yrs.  [youtube][/youtube]   [youtube][/youtube]  These were taken on Christmas Day 2008… It was Wolfie’s birthday and he just turned 4… Jake was 9.5 yrs old. They had so much fun playing with their new toys… They were both wearing their ‘ding-a-ling’ Christmas collars! Jake got stuck wearing the antlers again (because he looks so cute in them!)… but Wolfie ripped them off as soon as he could! I can’t imagine Christmas this year without Jake!!  [youtube][/youtube]   [youtube][/youtube]

So, these were the only videos we had taken before Jake’s cancer… I wish now that we had taken much more…

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7 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Emilysmom says:

    Oh Jake’s Mom,
    You can certainly see how loved Jake was and still is. I am glad that you have so many videos of your beautiful puppies. Right now they probably break your heart to watch but I hope that they also bring smiles to your heart.

  2. shiloanne says:

    What a wonderful tribute. You are so lucky to have these wonderful memories to play back, although I am sure at times very painful. It can also bring a few smiles here and there thinking back and replaying those good times that you all shared. My thoughts are with you through the next month. Christmas will be hard for both of us.

  3. pababyblue says:

    Awww Jake’s Mom,
    How wonderful Jake and Wolfie looked together. You can certainly see that they were best buddies. I was crying just watching these videos and it was breaking my heart knowing that Jake won’t be with you this Christmas. He was certainly a very happy dog when he was with you and you gave him so much love, it definitely showed in all of the videos. He was doing all of the things he loved to do, so you can definitely see he lived a happy and full life, and you gave that to him. It was funny in one video the facial expression he was making when he was playing with Wolfie on the sofa, he made the same face my “Bowser” (Black & Tan Coonhound) makes when my cat “Bandit” tries to play with him, hahaha. It was so very cute. Wolfie must be so lost without Jake there, but with lots of love and extra affection and attention from you I just know you will both make it through this. Christmas will be very rough to get through without Jake there, but, he will be up above looking down on his family, with his antlers on running and playing with his toys, at the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas Day, with the angels. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.
    Mary and (My Guardian Angel “Angus”)

  4. Opie says:

    Jake’s Mom,

    I love watching your videos. Jake had such an amazing life and Wolfie will continue to have an amazing life. Your dogs live(d) a better life than 90% of the world’s human population. My Dad once told me, “When I die, I want to come back as one of your dogs.” Because he thinks the dogs I have had live really good lives. I think you and your dogs have me beat! They are so happy…except I don’t think Jake liked the antlers : ). Hang in there for Christmas. You still have Wolfie and he will have a great birthday/Christmas if you are strong and make it so. I am sure that is what Jake would want for all three of you.

    Opie’s Mom

  5. dsimas says:

    I love these! It’s funny that it struck me when I saw Jake “walking”, I’d only seen him hop. I was just thinking that the other day watching Raven. How, walking will never be again.

    I love the Cujo face, snicker/bear teeth thing Jake does to Wolfie when Wolfie wants to chew on him. Too cute. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Mommy says:

    Jake had the best life on this Earth with you. He was a happy dog and had a lots of fun with Wolfie, they look so cute attaking each other and sleeping together.

    Don’t be sad, be happy that you had him, he gave you lots of joy and lots of love.

    Have Happy Christmas….Jake is watching!

  7. Gilberte Obadia says:

    C’est un très beau souvenir pour vous deux ma chérie et pour moi aussi. Je le garde précieusement dans mes favoris.
    Je vous aime.

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