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Can’t believe we’ve had Nala for 5 months already… She will be 7 months old later this month.

Wolfie is enjoying having his new little sister around… Keeps him from getting too sad when he thinks about Jake.

Nala likes to watch Wolfie as he runs around the pool…

Whenever Wolfie gets a chance… he tries to eat her head… but she doesn’t seem to mind that much and her head always re-appears! 🙂

Every day they play… Nala is so brave cause Wolfie could probably just swallow her in two gulps… but instead he’s pretty gentle with her.

Looks like she’s had enough for now…

Now it’s time for something tasty… Like daddy’s finger! Doesn’t she look possesed??

I really think that Jake would have loved Nala too! Wish he was still here with us… and our family would be complete. We miss you Jake!!

11 Responses to “Nala is almost 7 months old!”

  1. Nala and Wolfie are just so adorable together!! Nala looks like she has Wolfie under her thumb – what a cutie! Great pictures! It’s obvious how much happiness she’s brought into your family. So wonderful to see (even if she does look a little possessed 🙂
    Happy Birthday Nala!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos, we’re always happy to hear from you. Looks like Wolfie and Nala are having a good laugh together! 🙂

  3. wyattraydawg says:

    Oh Wolfie, I’m so jealous, I wish I had a kitty like that to play with!!! Brother, you’ve got some willpower. I’m impressed.

  4. etgayle says:

    these are such wonderful pictures!! we have three cat siblings at our house, and it’s pretty nice to all get along (most of the time…). my older sister says if you ignore them, they just go looking for a warm place to nap…kind of like me i guess. gayle

  5. anyemery says:

    Nala and Wolfie look so cute! What a fun pair! We bet Jake is looking down and smiling at them! Happy 7 month birthday, Nala! Holly will have a treat in your honor – I think we have some wheat free cat biscuits – they’d be perfect. 🙂
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  6. Tana says:

    Happy Birthday Nala !

    Be VERY careful, Wolfie – they look all cute and fuzzy – but then the claws come out and next thing you know – they are attached to your face ….

    Sophie has 2 (used to have 3) cat siblings – so she can speak from experience. It is definitely best to just let them have what they want.

    I’m sure Jake would have loved playing with Nala, too. She would have kept both of the dogs in line.

    Golden licks to all of you from Sophie
    Tana and Sophie

  7. cometdog says:

    Wolfie, you are way too sweet! You let Nala make googley eyes at you and you don’t even care!???

    It must be love.

  8. vampirebillsmom says:

    Aww Nala looks like our kitty Pew! She even gets that same crazy look in her eye, that’s when I hide behind my mom! -VB

  9. krispi says:

    Oh what a cutie…..and it is so sweet to see Wolfie and Nala together like that…I LOVE that, I need to always have both dogs and cats and they do get along so much better than people think don’t they!!

  10. Ginger says:

    It looks like Wolfie and Nala don’t even know they are adopted they love each other so much. Don’t worry – my pawrents and I will keep your secret.

  11. nbobco says:

    Kittens grow up so quickly… our siamese cat Asieke is now almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, he hit “adulthood” right around spring when, you guessed it, birds are hatching! I was still off at school most of the time, but apparently he was pretty adept at catching juvenile birds 🙁 He would get so pissed if he brought you one and you let it go. Im sure he thought we were stupid humans to let food fly away. We even put 5 large, green Christmas bells onto his safety cat collar, but it seemed to only made him a better hunter… Luckily he hasn’t caught anything (to our knowledge) since June. Hope Nala doesn’t follow Asieke’s path! (its pretty gross finding bloody bird remains around the house and in the bed…)

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