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Life goes on…

So, it’s been a year and almost 4 months since we lost Jake… It’s taken a while, but I think that life in our home has finally started to get back to normal. Wolfie and Nala are having a wonderful and fun life… but we miss Jake and wish that he was here to enjoy it with us.

Today I bought a doggie bed for Wolfie at Sam’s Club… Guess who used it first? Nala!!!! She just plopped down on it like it was for her… Wolfie came by and decided that it looked so comfy that he wanted to lie down too… He didn’t care that it was already occupied!

 So he plopped down on the bed and made himself comfortable… But poor Nala was being squished! “Hey man… What are you doin’?? Can’t you see that I’m here?”

Wolfie didn’t move and Nala couldn’t move… so she started to chew on his head, behind his ear… Well that woke him up!

“OH… so you wanna play, huh?”

“Hey… I’m not one of your chew toys, man!!! Take it easy!!”

“Arrrhhhh! I know this bed is comfy… but I don’t know how much more of this I can take!!!”

Well… After a minutes… Nala finally left the doggie bed all to Wolfie… Guess I’m going to have to buy another doggie bed… Didn’t know that Nala liked it so much…

I can’t believe that it’s been one whole year since Jake lost his battle to bone cancer… It’s gone by so quickly… It seems like just a few months ago that we lost him.  We think about him everyday… and wish we could have him back with us for just one more day…

We will never forget you… our sweet golden angel…

Well… Barney is gone now and it’s back to normal at Wolfie and Nala’s household… Here’s the latest video of them playing today… You may think she’s upset… but she actually looks for Wolfie and teases him until he attacks her… It’s their thing… 🙂

That’s Beth Hart playing in the background… My original track was Animals by Nickleback… but YouTube kept stripping it out… 🙁

Here is the video with the original music from my Facebook.

Nala and Wolfie playing

Barney’s Visit

Barney arrived in sunny Florida to visit with Angel Jake’s family, Wolfie and Nala… Wolfie was excited to see what was in the box. Even Nala was curious…


Wolfie introduced himself to Barney by showing him all his teeth, just in case Barney got any funny ideas…

Now that Barney knew who’s boss… Wolfie took him on a tour of the house…

 Nala introduced herself to Barney and asked him about his travels so far… Barney said he was just happy to be out of that box! Nala also gave him some tips on how to handle Wolfie… since she has masterd this technique in the past few months.

Nala supervised the visit and reminded Wolfie to be gentle with Barney…

Next day Barney got to hang out at the little botanical gardens on the patio.

 Hmmm… that pool sure looks inviting!

Barney sat at the edge of the pool for a while… contemplating his life on the road, being mauled by so many different dogs…

He must have had a weak moment and decided to end it all… and jumped in, or maybe he fell in… or maybe Wolfie pushed him in!

Oh no! It seems that Barney can’t swim… So Wolfie jumped in! SPLASH!!

“Don’t worry Barney… I’ll save you!!”

Wolife dragged a soaking wet Barney out of the pool and tried to resucitate him… Looks like Barney will be OK!

Wolfie picked up Barney and ran around the pool to help him dry off!

Barney finally had enough of all this excitement an decided to hide from Wolfie so he could dry off in peace! Wolfie was wondering where Barney disappeared to…

“Hey Barney, where are you? Don’t you wanna play anymore??”

Later that evening, once Barney had dried off and rested up, he was ready to party!! He played a little guitar, sang… and drank a little too much! He sure slept well that nite!!

Wolfie shared his dinner each nite with Barney (he was very careful not to accidentally eat Barney)…

… and for the rest of the visit, Wolfie just hung out with Barney every chance he got…

He also introduced Barney to his little black bear toy… and tried to chew on both of them at the same time. Easy for Wolfie to do, since he has such a big mouth!

While Barney was here, he went online to visit Jake’s blog. He wanted to read all about Jake’s courageous battle with bone cancer. Wish Jake could have met Barney in person… but I’m sure he was watching everything from the Rainbow Bridge… wondering what Barney’s insides really taste like!

Well, Barney’s visit is finally over and he’s ready to get back on the KillBarney tour and visit the next lucky tripawds home.

Bon voyage Barney!! Hope you had fun with Wolfie and Nala… They will miss you!

Can’t believe we’ve had Nala for 5 months already… She will be 7 months old later this month.

Wolfie is enjoying having his new little sister around… Keeps him from getting too sad when he thinks about Jake.

Nala likes to watch Wolfie as he runs around the pool…

Whenever Wolfie gets a chance… he tries to eat her head… but she doesn’t seem to mind that much and her head always re-appears! 🙂

Every day they play… Nala is so brave cause Wolfie could probably just swallow her in two gulps… but instead he’s pretty gentle with her.

Looks like she’s had enough for now…

Now it’s time for something tasty… Like daddy’s finger! Doesn’t she look possesed??

I really think that Jake would have loved Nala too! Wish he was still here with us… and our family would be complete. We miss you Jake!!

I came across this video I had taken of Jake just 2 days before we lost him. I had no idea then, that he would be gone so soon. It was a beautiful sunny Florida day… Cool early November with a nice breeze blowing through Jake’s golden fur. You can hear our wind chimes blowing in the wind. Jake was just chillin’ and watching the birds and the squirrels… You can hear Wolfie whine a little in the background, because no one wanted to play with him.

I can’t listen to that song anymore (When September Ends) without crying. I miss my sweet golden angel so much!! I wish I could just kiss his sweet face one more time… 🙁

On March 9th, it will be 4 months since we lost Jake… I can’t believe that he has been gone longer than he was sick and dealing with his cancer… It still seems like such a bad dream… a bad nitemare…

In the meantime… Nala has been filling our household and our hearts with so much joy and laughter. Nala is so full of life… She climbs into bed with me and Jacques when we go to sleep and falls asleep between us… When Jacques moves around too much during the nite, she climbs out and lies by our feet, next to Wolfie… I wish that Jake was here… he would have enjoyed her so much!

Missing Jake…

It’s been 12 weeks and 3 days since we lost our golden angel Jake to osteosarcoma. At times it seems so long ago, and other times it seems like just a week ago that he was here. Memories of him are all around our home…

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and for a few seconds I forget that he’s not here anymore… then reality sets in… 🙁

Here is a picture of  Wolfie with Jake… during happier times… I miss my baby so much!

Nala and Wolfie…

It’s been almost 5 weeks now since Nala came into our lives… She is almost 15 weeks old. Every day has been such a joy with her, but boy is she ever a handful!! She acts like a wild cat… Jacques thinks she has some bengal in her, for sure! 🙂

Wolfie is so in love with her… Of course, since he’s so big… he ends up annoying her most of the time, pushing her around, sliming her, and stepping on her… but she still looks for him and wants to play all the time…

Here is a video from tonite, of them playing together… She got a new cat toy… with a flashing ball! Whoo! Hoo!

I still think about Jake every single day and wish that he was here to share in all of this with us… I hope he is looking down at us, and smiling… We miss him so much!

Wolfie and Nala…

It’s been just 2 weeks since 12 week old Nala came into our lives and brought us some much needed sunshine. We have not seen Wolfie so happy for several weeks  now… He absolutely adores her!!

Christmas and New Years were bittersweet… We missed Jake so much… but Nala has been a wonderful handful. I hope Jake is looking down at all of us from heaven… We will never, ever forget our sweet golden angel! We love you Jake!!!


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