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Nala and Wolfie…

It’s been almost 5 weeks now since Nala came into our lives… She is almost 15 weeks old. Every day has been such a joy with her, but boy is she ever a handful!! She acts like a wild cat… Jacques thinks she has some bengal in her, for sure! 🙂

Wolfie is so in love with her… Of course, since he’s so big… he ends up annoying her most of the time, pushing her around, sliming her, and stepping on her… but she still looks for him and wants to play all the time…

Here is a video from tonite, of them playing together… She got a new cat toy… with a flashing ball! Whoo! Hoo!

I still think about Jake every single day and wish that he was here to share in all of this with us… I hope he is looking down at us, and smiling… We miss him so much!

8 Responses to “Nala and Wolfie…”

  1. anyemery says:

    They’re so cute together! Wolfie is really gentle with her – and I can tell how much he loves her! The toy with the flashing ball is great – purrfect for a cat (although I must admit I know some dogs that would love it too)
    Please give them both a hug from us,
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  2. krun15 says:

    I want one of those flashy ball thingies!!!!

    Does Nala every get to dry out??

    Nice video, thanks for sharing.

    Karen and the pug girls

  3. cometdog says:

    It amazes me how he is so loving and soft to her. He honestly looks like a mama cat with her kitty. So cute.

  4. cairasue says:

    I bought that same cat toy for my rescue kittens. They think of me as a demi-god now. It was the best purchase EVER for kittens!

    I am in awe of how tender Wolfie acts around Nala. The sweetest part was when he ever so gently lifted his paw up and barely tapped Nala to egg her on. I think it’s pretty obvious that he really really really likes that kitten. And MY has she GROWN!

    Thanks for putting a little smile on my face today!


  5. Mackenzie's Mom says:

    This video is just adorable! Nala definitely looks like she has some bengal in her. I bet the size of Wolfie looks like King Kong to Nala but that doesn’t seem to stop her from setting him straight. They are so cute together and it’s clear how happy they are playing together. I can bet Jake is looking down and smiling….a very big smile too!

  6. Opie says:

    I want a kitten, too! but my pop says i can’t get one because he is a lur-jik…i don’t know what his nationality has to do with getting a cat. people are crazy. Opie

  7. Wolfie~ I am so glad you love your kitty so much! You needed a friend to play with and love on! It has been 4 weeks today since Peyton left us and I am really sad. Everyone can see it my face today, I just can’t hide it. I sure hope Peyton and Jake know how much we miss them. I bet they are swimming together right now!

  8. krispikritter says:

    oh my gosh I loved that video, just loved it…..Magic has only lived with kitties who are declawed (even OJ, the baddest hunter and neighborhood terror was DECLAWED..he could climb, fight, hunt, do the other bad thing after hunting, amazing. When Magic and I walked before, cats would come up to him…STRANGE CATS WITH DEATH WISH…and he remembers every house they live in and stops and waits to see if they will come out and greet..but he has never been swatted and I have been fearful of that happening and if his reaction was to snap…

    it is sooooo cute to see them playing

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