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Jake and Wolf went swimming this afternoon… Jake hasn’t been feeling to well lately (problems with his back legs?)… but he sure perked up when it was time to go swimming!



 After swimming around 8 laps (wow… that’s more than me!) Jake decided he was pretty tired… so he laid around on the patio, watching his brother Wolfie play.



Wolfie has completely destroyed his blue Jolly ball… but he doesn’t seem to care… plus, it still floats, ha! ha!


Since Jake wasn’t going back into the pool… off came his float coat… Ahhh, much better…



Such a lovely day outside… Jake is getting sleepy…


Oh, what’s that? A butterfly or a lizard on the screen??


Awwwww…. It’s just my brother Wolfie… trying to get some attention from mom…


Think I’ve had enough sunshine and fun for today… I’m pooped and going to take a snooze.


Update: Jake is still having problems with some weakness in his legs. I thought that maybe swimming might help loosen things up… but it hasn’t… Maybe it’s even worse. Guess we’ll see tomorrow how he’s feeling. Here are some pictures we took last nite with the cell phone (sorry, poor quality) but it shows Wolfie sleeping next to his brother Jake.



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8 Responses to “Swim Time – Great Therapy”

  1. tmayers says:

    Jake looks great! Sorry to hear about his back legs feeling shaky.. Hopefully, it’s just over usage and a little extra rest will get things back to normal. Toby took round 2 of chemo last Friday and is feeling pretty good. He probably needs some time in the pool but he never has been crazy about swimming unless I go in with him. Since it’s getting cooler here (Austin,TX), I haven’t purchased the float coat yet.

    I need to go back and catch up on Jake’s blog so I can learn more about the chemo and what’s going on with him. Ahhh – it’s been a crazy time for me so I’ve fallen out of the loop.

    Keep us posted.

  2. chuymaloney says:

    It’s great to see Jake and Woofie snuggling and better yet to see him swimming. 8 laps is alot, Chuy does about the same now. Keep him swimming, it’s great muscle building exercise. Keep giving him all of that Lovin’ too! Such a beautiful boy.

  3. shiloanne says:

    So sorry to hear Jake is having trouble still… We will continue to keep him in our thoughts.. Hopefully he just overused something and made himself sore.. We sure will keep positive thoughts and look forward to a blog on how well Jake is doing. 🙂

    Hugs –

    Shilo and Mom

  4. Tyler says:

    Marguerite–Your dogs are so beautiful, and great that they are best buds. Hopefully Jake just overdid it and needs to take it easy for a day or two. Is he getting chemo? I travelled to Sarasota today to an oncology vet that was recommended to me, Dr. Heidi Ward. Wiley started on carboplatin 150 mg today, he will have 4 visits, 3 weeks apart, only $200 per visit, which is much more reasonable than I expected. Am hoping for the best. Feel free to e-mail me for more info at tylergod at yahoo.

  5. Merlin's mum says:

    Great pictures of Jake swimming! They made Merlin very jealous….he wants his own swimming pool!

  6. […] Canine cancer hero Jake swims safely in his Ruff Wear Float Coat. “Jake’s float coat definitely helped him alot in the pool! It helped him balance while swimming and also had a handle that I used to help him in and out of the pool.” — jakesmom […]

  7. Renee says:

    Hello-I was reading about Jake and enjoying the videos of Nala and Wolfie which cheered me up. I hope I am not picking at old wounds, but your story of Jake seems so similar to what our 12 year old rottweiler, Sampson is going through. He was diagnosed in May with bone cancer and had his front leg amuptated. The last 2 weeks he is having trouble walking. He enjoys the pool. But other than that it is hard to get him moving. He seems to have a hard time standing and getting his balance but when he starts to move he seems better. I attached a link to the comments I wrote yesterday. Is this the beginning of a new transition? I would appreciate any guidance you could provide.

  8. jakesmom says:

    Renee… I just posted a response to your comment on Sampson’s blog…

    Angel Jake and Wolfie’s Mom

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