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For the past 2 or so days, Jake seems to be having some problems walking. Not sure if he overexerted himself with playing a few nites ago. He seems to need extra help (with the harness) to get up and walk (hop) to go outside, or to get around the house. His back legs are starting to shake again, when he’s standing. We’re taking him swimming in a couple of hours, so I’m hoping that perks him up again. He’s been doing so well so far.

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3 Responses to “Day 44 – A little setback?”

  1. romeo2 says:

    Dear Jakesmom: Jake has such a sweet face. You can tell he is a love. Romeo is sure they would be great friends!

    We hope the swimming goes well today. I’m sure that feels good to Jake and must cheer the whole family up.

    We’re so sorry Jake is having a little setback. Maybe is just tired. All that wrestling! But it seems like a great sign he does want to wrestle with Wolfie. I’m sure it cheers Wolfie up as well.

    Acupuncture has worked great for Romeo. I’m wondering if it might help Jake. Is there a licensed vet acupuncturist in the area? Our is a conventional vet who also practices eastern medicine. Our first session was $120 and each followup $60. We have only been going once a month since the vet is in VT (and we’re ion CT). Our vet takes Care Credit. Have you checked it out? You can apply on line.
    I know this is all very $$$$$$!

    Hang in there. I understand the worrying. Romeo was restless the other night, panting and then breathing through his nose. I was a wreck and didn’t sleep all night!

    Take care, Eve and Romeo

  2. Christina says:

    Hey Jake! Sorry to hear about your set back! I would bet that you did play too hard. There is a lot of strain when you are short one leg. Try not to worry. Hopefully all will be better in a couple of days. You are the guy I look up to – you know we are both goldens and all! I am wishing you the best pal.


  3. maggiesfamily says:

    Maggie’s back legs shake also. Sometimes it is worse than others. We think we found a tumor on her back left leg, it is definitely swollen. We will find out Wednesday what it is for sure (hopefully). I never read about the back legs shaking before, so I am thinking maybe this is normal (from playing too hard or something) and makes me feel a little better. I hope it is nothing serious and your Jake and my Maggie are just fine! You guys are lucky you have your very own pool!! Enjoy!

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