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It’s been just 3 weeks since we lost Jake… but it feels like only yesterday he was still here with us. It’s so hard to believe that he is really gone… I miss my sweet golden angel so much… He had the most beautiful smile and the biggest heart… He was always so happy!


Wolfie seems to be doing a little better the past few days. He’s moping around a little less, but he’s still acting very needy and clingy to us. He sits in front of us and starts whining, like he wants something… but he doesn’t seem to know what.

Jacques took him out in the backyard to play yesterday and he seemed to enjoy himself…

Here are some pictures of Wolfie once we tired him out… He’s such a sweety!!



One day, Wolfie will get a new baby brother, or sister… but not for a while. Our hearts are too broken right now…

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18 Responses to “Three weeks have passed…”

  1. horacia says:

    Hi Marguerite! I know how you feel, it´s been over two months since Hori left and I can still feel her, see her and hear her around. I wasn´t ready to adopt Olympia, but fate put her our way and our Castaño really loves her, although she tires him extremely!
    Maybe Wolfie will find himself a friend in the neighbourhood.

  2. Emilysmom says:

    I don’t know if it worse to feel like you just lost Jake or to feel like it has been forever since I saw Emily. Either way, it hurts and there is nothing we can do about it. Three weeks is just a short time ago and yet so far ago at the same time. I know that doesn’t really make sense but I don’t know how to explain it. I guess life goes on even when we think it should stand still. I kind of feel like people think its time to get over it but its only been three weeks. Do you know what I mean?

    Debra & Angel Emily

  3. It is so hard losing a member of the family! There is no easy way to cope. Do you have two legged children? My pawrents only have us three and four legged children and I hear my Mom always telling people we are her children! She treats us like we are people!

    I wish we were closer and then Dillon and I could come hang with Wolfie! We would show him a good time. He needs a little “Golden” fix.

    We miss Jake! We are happy you are still posting and putting pictures up for us to enjoy! Jake did have a wonderful smile and Wolfie is a handsome boy!!!

  4. admin says:

    A most beautiful smile indeed, and that Wolfie is quite handsome himself!

  5. cairasue says:

    We miss Jake too. We really do.

  6. mitch says:

    What beautiful dogs, both the Jake and Wolfie. So sorry to hear about Jake. We lost our first greyhound about three years ago and I still get emotional thinking of her.

  7. jerry says:

    Jake, we know you’re with us, your smile still lights up our world.

    Marguerite, it’s so painful to lose our best friends. Words seem meaningless. Just know that we are sending you all lots of love and hugs from way out west.

  8. Opie says:

    Hi Jake’s Mom,
    It hurts so much to lose a member of the family. It feels wrong to smile or laugh or take any pleasure in life, like you are somehow betraying them to even have a moment of happiness, but it is okay. Jake wants you to be happy and make a good life for Wolfie and some time in the future for another dog who needs a home.

    When I lost my golden, Zach, I found The Last Will and Testament of Silverdeen Emblem ONeil lto be comforting, though I had to cry over it first. Anyway:

    Opie’s Mom

  9. jakesmom says:

    I just read the link you sent me about the dog’s last will and testament… It was beautiful… Thank you so much for sharing it with me!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  10. Ben says:

    Wolfie you are stunningly handsome dog. There are few words to comfort you other than – you are not alone and you will love again.

  11. zoesmom says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Jake. He was a beautiful dog. Looks like you are enjoying lots of time with Wolfie, which probably helps him and you. Thanks for taking the time in your grief to support our Zoe and others. That is very kind and above and beyond. Take care.


  12. tootsweets says:


    Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope you guys are hanging in there.

    Kristin and Toto

  13. Merlin's mum says:

    We’re so so sorry to hear about Jake, what a handsome dog he was. We hope Wolfie continues to feel better.
    Best wishes & big hugs
    Merlin’s family

  14. cometdog says:

    Poor Wolfie. It’s not easy, I know. Been going through it myself.

    On the bright side Wolfie, at least mommy and daddy didn’t rush out and bring home a 6 month old terrier-poodle mix like they did with me! They are so annoying! They have a bone chilling shrill play bark, not like the big dog play barks we love! I’m telling you, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard!

    His name is Rocket. (Yeah, real cute name, Mommy and Daddy. Just because our names are cosmic, doesn’t make me want to live in the same universe with him!)

    Did I mention, Wolfie – he’s got the ugliest hair – it’s not even fur! It looks like a dirty rag mop! I get a chuckle when I see Mommy *try* to brush that tangled mess and he still looks ugly! I have kitten fur and get compliments on how soft it is! Bet you do, too!

    Plus, he’s got a Monkey butt! Hey! Mommy and Daddy, why didn’t call him, ‘Monkey Butt’ instead?? That name would fit him better!!
    How much fun would that have been at the vet’s office ….”Monkey Butt, your next.” —– BAHAWWAAAHA!

    So Wolfie, I feel your pain. But just remember – it could be worse…Mommy and Daddy could bring home a ugly MONKEY BUTT!!!!!!!

    Cheer up, Wolfie!

    (I may only have 3 working legs, but I don’t have a MONKEY BUTT! ——BAHAHAAAAWAAA)

  15. Opie says:

    Hi Angel Jake’s Mom,

    JUst wanted to let you know we think about you and Angel Jake and Wolfie and hope you are doing a bit better. How is Wolfie? More photos, maybe? Opie’s Mom.

  16. Opie says:

    PS. Angel Jake’s and Wolfie’s Mom,
    Sorry to use your blog page for this, but I have been trying to find cometdog’s blog…I read Comet’s comment on your blog, just above, but when I click on his avatar, it goes back to tripawd home page…????
    Anyway, I just wanted to find out more about monkey butt! BWaaaahahahahahahahahsnort. Opie

  17. admin says:

    …been trying to find cometdog’s blog…but when I click on his avatar, it goes back to tripawd home page

    This indicates cometdog has not created a Tripawds Blog, which I just confirmed. FYI: All users are members of Jerry’s main blog, so that’s why you were directed their when clicking cometdog’s avatar.

  18. Stéphane says:

    Dear Marguerite and Jacques, it is a lovely little Kitten. I am very happy for you both and Wolfie.

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