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5 weeks have gone by…

It’s been exactly 5 weeks since we said good-bye to our sweet golden angel… Wolfie seems to be doing a little bit better. Here he is taking comfort with his big teddy bear… It’s a poor replacement for Jake, but at least he has something to snuggle up to… We, on the other hand… are not doing so well. I know that time is supposed to heal all wounds… but when??!!!


9 Responses to “5 weeks have gone by…”

  1. admin says:

    Wolfie looks like such a sweetheart. We’re glad you have him – and he has you – to help each other through this difficult time.

  2. Wolfie’s bear is a poor replacement for Jake. I bet he wishes it were Jake!

    I can’t believe it has been 5 weeks. I don’t think the wound ever heals!! It is never easy losing a part of the family especially a dog as wonderful as Jake was!! Take care! Peyton and Dillon are sending the three of you lots of hugs and licks.

  3. Opie says:

    Hi Angel Jake’s Mom,

    It is really hard to lose a family member. Grieving is different for everybody. Five weeks is not such a long time compared to what a cool dog Jake was. Remember, though, that Wolfie (& Jacques) really needs you now. Try hard to have some really happy moments in the day with Wolfie, even if you have to fake it for his sake. It is true, it will get better, but it will never heal completely until you are with him again.

    How many dogs did you have before Jake?

  4. Emilysmom says:

    No words can help. Tomorrow is five weeks for us losing Emily. I am doing okay but can’t say I feel any joy. If it were up to me I would cancel Christmas but that would not be fair to my kids even though they are grown. Give Wolfie a hug from me.

  5. jerry says:

    What a sweet photo, Wolfie is just precious.

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 weeks already, because we all feel Jake’s spirit is still so strong among us. And it will always be so.

    Hang in there. Grief knows no timeframe. Let yourself heal without putting dates on things. Just try to take it as it comes, one pawstep at a time. It’s all any of us can do, including Wolfie.


  6. shiloanne says:

    Oh, what a wonderful picture of Wolfie… I wish things would a little better for all. Shilo’s 4 week was today as well. Grief does not know time nor does it stop at all for anyone. I am glad you have Wolfie with you. You will all help eachother through the pain.

    My thoughts are with you, as I do feel your heart break..


  7. cometdog says:

    Dear Angel Jake’s Mom and Dad,

    I can’t help but thinking about you guys and how depressing this time is for you, especially with Christmas coming up and everyone celebrating. It’s so, so hard when you think everyone else is happy and you’re in so much pain. It seems so unfair and so incredibly lonely. I know.

    Time will heal but it’s not much comfort right now. It will get better but only a tiny, tiny bit each day.

    However, I sincerely think you guys should consider rescuing another dog – like immediately.

    If Wolfie is good with other dogs, then don’t hesitate. I say this sincerely and with your best interests at heart. A new dog is not going to replace your lovable Jake. But you two have too much love in your hearts to not share that with a dog in need. Wolfie needs it and so do you two.

    And just remember how it was when Jake came to you? Remember how he instantly touched your heart? Remember how badly he needed love? It would be a tribute to him to
    continue that love of another one that needs your love. He would want you to share that with another dog.

    My own medical doctor told me this right after Rugby died while I was a basket case in his office. He had just lost his 14 year-old Golden, too. He as a doctor and as an animal lover said, – “you must get another one and don’t wait.”

    I work at home so Comet and Rugby were/are with me 24/7. I didn’t think I’d ever have a happy home again. I didn’t think Comet would survive his death. Comet is a difficult, spoiled and anti-social dog. But now she is playing with Rocket! She is starting to seem youthful again. AND she is letting him cuddle her when I’m not looking! That’s something Rugby couldn’t even do – EVER!

    So, just for fun…go to and snoop your zip code.

    Sincerely –
    Comet and Rocket’s Mom

  8. Opie says:

    Hi Angel Jake’s Mom,

    I sent a note to your Forum’s inbox. Please see.

  9. maggie says:

    Angel, Jake’s Mom,

    Know that Maggie and myself give you a big cyberhug!!! My heart wrenches for you………. But like someone else said, try to keep it positive for Wolfie’s sake…

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

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