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Day 4

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Well, last nite I hardly slept. Jake started whining around midnite… I thought maybe he was uncomfortable sleeping with his E-collar and took it off… but as soon as I did, he tried to lick and chew at his incision! Back went the collar! Then Jake sits up and starts  scratching at his  incision with his back leg. Again I fly out of bed, hoping he doesn’t rip out his staples! This went on until around 3 am. I decided to put on his sling and take him outside… he peed right away. Brought him back to his bed and he was tired after all that… I took off his e-collar and he fell back asleep. About an hour later I woke up when I heard him licking at his incision again. Back went the collar… Guess his wound is getting really itchy now as it heals… Hope that doesn’t last for too long… I need some sleep!!

At 6 am I got up to make some coffee (hubby was going to work), took out Jake, then gave him his morning meds. As soon as he was done he went right for his incision again! The collar will stay on ALL the time now… except for when he takes his meds, eats, or goes outside to do this stuff. He’s not too happy about this, but he doesn’t have much of a choice right now…


Oh wait… Is that a smile?!!


He’s finally sleeping now… with the collar! Lucky for him!


We’ll have to get ready to leave in about an hour for his first post-op vet visit.  His incision looks pretty good… if only it didn’t itch so much!!!

NOON: Just came back from the vet and Jake is settled down and sleeping. He did great and everyone at the clinic was happy to see him doing so much better! The vet said the incision looked good, with a little bit of draining and some fluid accumulation, but that was normal. He applied some CortiDerm around his incision to help with the itching and irritation from the razor burn, and also put a new pressure bandage that we’re to keep it on for another 3-4 days, then re-examin the incision site.  He also added another antibiotic (baytril) to the mix for the next 5 days, and his last amoxicillin dose is tomorrow. All in all, he liked what he saw, and was happy to see Jake in such good spirits.

So now that Jake is sound asleep, maybe I can get some rest too!

Tonite: It was nice and relaxing tonite… Jake is extra tired from his vet visit today… Jake had his dinner, did his peeps and poops… We were all on the floor cuddling and watching House.


So, this is how our evening went. We’re going to bed now. Hopefully we’ll all sleep through the nite. Sweet dreams everyone!

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3 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. YodasMom says:

    Yeah, I too found it was just too risky and therefore too stressful to let Yoda have his cone off. If I was in the room with him I could give him a break. I was surprised that he didn’t put up too much of a fight when I went to put it back on. I think that lasted a couple weeks – ugh. It was very awesome when we could be done with it altogether. But Yoda seemed perfectly able to sleep with it on and even ate and drank with it still on sometimes. It won’t last forever! Hang in there, you’re doing great!!

  2. Jake, chicks dig scars, but come one, you gotta let that heal up. No scratching!

    Oh man, those collars are awful aren’t they? But Momma knows best. Be good, and soon you won’t have to wear it anymore.

  3. Tina says:

    Sounds like you guys are doing well… I’m happy to report the same. Nothing major. Toby doesn’t have one of those collars but so far, he’s only tried scratching a few times. I’ve been able to stop him. The tee shirt helps.

    Like you, I’m exhausted.. not much sleep last night. Hoping for a better night tonight.

    Sweet dreams Jake (and Wolfie).. Big Hugs, Tina & Toby

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